Sunday, February 28, 2010

Len & Leigh are no longer 30...

(Note- Tasmania)

Happy Birthday to Leigh!!! After seeing my inspirational Australian themed cupcakes an Australian flag birthday cake was ordered to help celebrate the fact that Len and Leigh are no longer 30... It is all buttercream with fondant accents.

Carving the cake- I made a pattern so I carved the shape of Australia not Antarctica...
Crumb coat down and final layer of icing smoothed with the viva papertowel method.

I cut the white part of the flag as one piece and used strips of red on top. I originally cut white & red strips but they all crossed in the middle and it looked strange.

Side view
I couldn't figure out how to cut a small star for the center star on the right so I originally just made 5 similar stars... But then I found a flower cutter that sort of looked like a star so I replace the middle star for the smaller star. I think it looks better.

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