Sunday, March 1, 2009

Leigh's Big 3-0

My good friend Leigh had a big birthday bash for her 30th. It was so fun. In true Leigh style it had lots of pink, alcohol and cool people to hang out with. The cake was inspired by one leigh spotted on cake central. Instead of making a champagne bottle for the top, I opted for a tiara because I just saw a tiara that my "facebook cake friend" Cassie just made and I wanted to try it.

Two "cake tragic" things happened with this cake (really that that dramatic, just sort of annoying) . I had plans to get the alcohol shaped cookie cutters from my favorite cake supply store in Allentown but last Saturday I left my house at 2 pm and the store closes at 2 pm.... So i went to stores around me but they didn't have them. I called my mom (because I still call my mom when I need help) and she went to this great little shop in fleetwood, pa and found what i needed. My mom is awesome. Then just after I finished the cake and was packing it up to leave the tiara broke! I was sooooooo mad. It broke even more as I tried to fix it once I got to leigh's house. I eventually just put the two remaining pieces on the cake and royal icing glued then together.

Overall, it was another cake success, Leigh liked her cake and that's all that mattered!

Here are some pictures:

This was the original message on the cake, then I changed it at the last minute.

Back of the tiara

The broken tiara ready for transport...

Naked Cakes- I made one 10" x 3" and four 9"x2" cakes. I would have liked the bottom layer to be a little bigger. I have to find a 12" round pan to make more of a ridge on the bottom.

Cakes covered in butter cream icing and then smoothed with the Viva Paper Towel method. Did you know the viva paper towels are the only brand without a pattern so you can use them for this purpose...

Lots of fondant circles.

I taped the crown pattern to my flour canister and overlayed a piece of clear plastic. I then tiped the pattern in royal icing, went over it about three times to make it "strong" enough and then let it dry. I then painted with food coloring powder mixed with a little alcohol. The alcohol evaporates so it doesn't eat away the royal icing as water would do.

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Reba said...

Beeeeaauuutiful!!!!! Both Leigh and the cake look stunning! Sorry I missed the party. Hope it was a good time. What am I saying... of course it was a good time!