Sunday, March 15, 2009

Avah's Guitar Cake

Happy Birthday Avah who turned 5. The theme of the party was a reflection of Avah's love of Taylor Swift. Posters, sheet music, pictures and the sounds of taylor swift filled the hall. As usual when both families get to together there was lots of good food and lots of people. It was great to see everyone.
Avah had a VERY specific idea for her cake which she asked me to make back in January. She wanted a taylor swift guitar with a tear drop on it. She also wanted a rainbow on the cake. At first the tear drop was to be a rainbow but she then changed her mind and wanted the tear drop to be blue and the rainbow on the cake... So I did my best to fulfill her wishes.

I baked two large sheet cakes and layered them. Then I cut the shape of the guitar. I did break the top layer of cake when I flipping it over on top of the bottom layer. I used icing like glue and no one ever knew...

After crumb coating with white butter cream, I covered with brown butter cream. I didn't need to cover the neck of the guitar because it will be covered with fondant.

Fondant accents. I drew mostly straight lines with white buttercream for the strings once these accents were placed. I was going to drip spaghetti noodles in white chocolate to make straighter lines but I realized that was more work then I was willing to do... So I oped for the less straight, easier route...

I needed to make additional cake to feed all of the people at the party so I made two 9" chocolate cakes and cut them into the shape of guitar picks. I then tried to replicate a taylor swift guitar pick.

The table display.

A precious picture of cousins.

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