Sunday, January 13, 2013

Petit Fours

With the help of Melissa at, I attempt to make petit fours for the first time... My Mom and my sister's future mother in law helped me with the adventure. The petit fours were for my sisters bridal shower.  The biggest challenge was getting the icing the right consistency so it would coat the petit four without being too think.  I used Melissa's pound cake recipe and followed her directions to the "T".  We created a "dripping" station to allow the glaze to set and created a tremendous mess in my mom's kitchen.  Overall it was fun to experiment with something new and also fun to have my Mom and Anita try their hand at decorating.  They did a great job! and I know my sister will appreciate their efforts.

The finished pound cake... Three sticks of butter later...

Scoring the cake to cut 1" x 1" cubes

Created a double broiler to mix the 9 cups of powdered sugar!  That was a lot of powdered sugar!

The dipping action...

We set up a "dripping station" using boxes from my mom's pantry and a drying rack

What a mess!!!

The finished products...

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