Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gone With The Wind

To celebrate a special birthday for one of my sister's friends, I attempted to make a replica of another cake artist's interpretation of a Gone with the Wind dress...  How is that for round about...  Here is a picture of the original cake, which I found on pinterest (but can't find the original artist).  Here is a picture of the GWTW dress.   Below are pictures of my process. 

My first attempt at Key Lime cake didn't go so well...  I adjusted the recipe and the rest of the cakes turned out o.k.   This one had too much oil, you can see how it didn't really cook- Kinda gross...
I bought myself a new "tool"- It is called the Mat.  It is food safe plastic that helps roll the fondant easier and helps control placement over the cake.  I don't usually use fondant,but needed to for this cake and this new tool was really helpful.
Covering the cake

 The initial assembly. Discovered that I needed more support on the bottom cakes as it started to sink about an hour of being assembled.  I added a bunch of straws and ended up putting a plastic cake seperator under the hourglass cake.  Lesson's learned...
 The dress prior to laying it over the cake.

 Didn't quite make it big enough... oops.
 Holes for the lace.
 Mostly done...  You can see it starting to cave in the bottom... Agghh.  Cake assembly is stressful.

 All finished.


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