Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pretty Lilies

This cake was for a close friend of my sister who is celebrating her upcoming nuptials. The invitations were covered in lilies so it seemed appropriate to cover a cake with lilies... I haven't made lilies before so I looked to my Wilton resources and found instructions in my gum paste book. I only had one style of cutter. If I make them in the future it would be nice to have different sized flowers to give some variance to the design.  I played around with my powder food colorings which was fun.  Because there was some distance and travel associated with the delivery of this cake, my sister added the flowers when she got to the shower. This way they stayed fresh and didn't flatten from the storage of the cake in the refrigerator.   Here are some pictures of the assembly.

From this cutting of gum paste the lilies are born...
 The lilies are stretched, smoothed and wrapped around to make the basic flower.  They are drying upside down to give them some structure.

The flowers are ready for their highlights.

 Ready for Transport...

This little cutie enjoyed the flowers and couldn't believe that they were edible. Too cute! 

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