Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lillie's for Sharon

Made my first gumpaste Lillie's for a dear friends bridal shower cake. She sent me a picture of the wedding cake she ordered so I made my version of the cake for a work wedding party.  Instead of a round shape I used a square pan and I changed the colors from black to more fall tones. The lillies were easier to make then I anticipated.  I watched a video by edna from  It only really required a heart cookie cutter, a pointy cup and some powder food coloring. Enjoy the cake!

Here are some shots of the flowers coming together...

I needed cone shaped cups, so I cut up bathroom cups and taped them to form a point. They worked nicely because they were wax coated and the gum paste released nicely when it was dry.   I used 20 guage floral wire and formed yellow stamen's for center of the flowers.

 Measuring up the stamens to make sure they were the right size.  The calla lilies were made with the heart shaped cookie cutter, then wrapped them around the cone cups and frilled the edges.

 The supplied needed to add the coloring and shading.
  Making the bows...
Added the stamen and hung the flowers to dry on a pitcher...

 The finished flowers ready to be moved to the cake.

The finished cake

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