Monday, June 28, 2010

Graduation Hats

Made these adorable graduation hats that were inspired by the amazing Bakerella. It took me a few trips to a few different grocery stores to find the right "hat" tops to the peanut butter cups. I ultimately settled on the Hershey's special dark chocolate bar.  There is probably grocery store video of me inappropriately feeling the packages of chocolate bars to make sure they were the right size... The ghirardelli squares were too big and weren't flat, others were too small, too big, had too much of an imprint of decoration etc...  I wasn't able to make it to a Godiva store to pick up the recommended squares, so I improvise.  I think they worked out nicely... The 95 degree heat and an hour and a half drive in my car caused a few casualties but overall most of them survived the trip...
Here are the pics of the assembly:

The materials
Wrappers are removed...

Getting Ready for Assembly

The tassels are done and "glued" down with chocolate, now it is time to insert the lollipop sticks.  Had to make sure they were room temperature so they didn't crack

Now I just have to glue them together with chocolate.


All done
The final product

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