Sunday, September 21, 2008

Flowers and Butterflies

Happy Birthday to Blake! I had to make this chocolate chip cake for Blake after hearing that she specially requested an "Amy Cake" for her birthday. I feel honored!

This was a chocolate cake (with added chocolate chips, yum!) with buttercream icing and royal icing accents. Used Tip 352 and the grass tip for the greenary, piped rosettes out of royal icing and piped the butterflies with tip 7. I spray painted them blue then realized they needed something else so I painted the outlined in red.

I got the idea from a monthly cake newsletter I get called "monthly slice" here is the .pdf in case you are interested... Here are some pictures of the cake in progress:

You may or may not have noticed the ClusterMap in the lower right hand portion of the top navigation bar. I started tracking visitors to my website in June. It also shows the visitors computer location, which is pretty neat. I've had some international visitors which is always cool to see... If you have met me, you might know that I have a "thing" for numbers. When I look at the clock it's usually (not on purpose, just randomly) 11:11, 10:10, 1:11... You get the idea. Anyway, I checked my blog on 9/16 and I have 666 visitors and the previous day I had 6 visitors. Sort of wierd... At least it's an even number... I prefer those...


Reba said...

Beautiful beautiful cake!!! And you are SUCH a numbers goober.

Blake said...

This was the best birthday cake I ever had! You are a phenomenal cake maker Amy...Thanks Again!