Sunday, August 17, 2008

Abbe Reunion Cupcakes

This was a busy weekend. Today was the Abbe Society reunion, it was a honorary service society I was part of during my West Chester days... It's so much fun to get together at Megan's house each year. Thanks Megan for hosting us! You are the best!

I made some chocolate cupcakes for all to enjoy. I filled the inside with buttercream icing and used some gum paste flowers I had from a previous gum paste making flower day... I covered and smoothed the cupcakes in buttercream and then used various tip 103 techniques to make flowers.

I used tip number 67 to make the leaves. I still can't get the point of the leaf to come out as I want it to, it looks like the icing just rips away and doesn't come to a pointy point, if you know what I mean... I need to google some help to figure this technique out... Will do that next time.

Megan's children are so precious. Here they are enjoying their cupcakes...
Here are a few more pics of the day...
Debbie used my cupcakes to enhance the display of her cake... I think they did an excellent job :)
The Group... As always, it was so nice to see everyone... and to catch up on each other lives. We are all living life a little differently, but at our core we are a group that geniouly cares for each other and we wants only the best for each other...

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