Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The School Nutrition Association (SNA) National Meeting is taking place in Philadelphia this week. I had a few colleagues over for dinner. Sarah is my drink inspiration. Over the years she has given me a number of drinks that are my standard- Side Car, lemon drop and Sweet Makers Manhattan. After a few rounds of drinking made by Sarah, (with the vodka I inherited from my Grandmom... Who knows how old it really was and some beverages we picked up at the food show), We made this joint cake. It is truly a work of art. Everyone contributed... Sarah made the green pearl boarder and wrote the initials of each of us around the outside of the cake, Norma wrote "eat me" (adds a touch of class that is very fitting to our conversation...), I made a few roses and made the smooth coat of icing, and Jill made roses and leaves. So it's SNA plus J- Sarah, Norma, Amy Plus Jill for the SNA (School Nutrition Association) meeting. We are sooooo clever....

Here is a pictures of the girls in action:

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Cakespy said...

I'm with the cow--I want a piece!