Thursday, July 3, 2008

Reba Mac's Big B!

It's Reba's Birthday! Had a lovely dinner with lively conversation with Rebecca, Jules, Stacy, Jeff, Paul, and Steve.

I might have been commissioned to do a grooms cake in the shape of a butt... I'm not sure if that was the wine talking or if it will seriously happen... I'll keep you posted.

This cake design was inspired by a cake from the pink cake box. They are by far my favorite bakery. I read the blog regularly... One day I will be able to make cakes like that....

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Reba said...

Thank you so much Amy for the lovey and delicious cake. You are a rock star as well as a cake star. I had a great time last night and hope you did too. I would not be surprised at all if the whole butt-cake thing becomes a reality. Maybe you'll find a whole new world of naughty cakes! Thanks again... that was very sweet of you. Happy 4th!