Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This cake was made for a co-worker at the school district. I couldn't help but to offer to make his son's birthday cake, he is turning 5. He loves spiderman. I found a coloring book page and a few sample ideas from cakecentral and viola. I was happy with the way the buttercream transfer worked out. It looked very smooth, which was my goal. Overall, I was happy with this cake.


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Reba said...

OMG you have been a busy, busy cake lady! Holy Crap! I thought I'd check out your blog and see if you've made any new cakes lately and was surprised to see just how prolific you've been. I gotta start thinking about the cake I want for Seebo (his B-day is April 7th).

So, I know you've been doing the cake thing... Have you been doing the running thing? You know, Allentown isn't all that far off. Scary. I'm planning on joining the Philly Runners group this Saturday morning at 9:30 to do the Art Museum loop. You game?

I hope you've checked Silas' blog lately.