Friday, February 22, 2008

Hello Kitty

This cake was made for Camille, a co-worker's daughter who turned 4 yrs old. She loves Ballerina's and Hello Kitty so we merged the two onto her birthday cake.
This was my first attempt a frozen butter cream transfer. I'm excited with the way it out.
I spent two hours in my mom's kitchen sifting powder sugar 5 times and beating shortening and butter together to make the special icing to make the transfer and then mistakenly used the regular Wilton butter cream icing I made. I confused the containers, my mistake, but I was thankful that the transfer lifted from the parchment paper. One thing I hope to improve is pushing on the icing or perfecting the icing used in the transfer so once it's finished it is flatter image and you can't see the lines from the tip used to fill in the design. It looks good from far away, I want it to look better close up.... It's my perfectionist nature, I can't help it.

(This is Camille picking up her cake)

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