Sunday, March 23, 2014

Peace love and Pandas

Another one of my nieces turned 10 years old! We celebrated by some family friendly competitive bowling...   My niece choose the panda theme for her cake.  The bamboo is made out of vanilla and lemon easter colored tootsie rolls. The bamboo stems are edible easter grass.  The panda and rocks are made out of fondant.  I pulled out my air brush set and painted the cake green instead of dying the fondant.  The water fountain is colored white chocolate.    Here are some pics of the assembly:

 I forgot to lay the bamboo over the panda's arms when I set up the cake... In stead I attached it to the side as an extra bamboo tree- oops...

 The finished Cake
 The birthday girl!!!

 The cuteness bowls me over...

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Elisabeth Peterson said...

Your cakes are amazing, creative, creations! You are so talented!

Miss you! Do you ever get to Virginia?