Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy 100th Hazel Ave

The houses on Hazel Avenue in West Philly turn 100 years old this year. To commemorate this special occasion my friend commissioned me to make a cake for the house party.  It was also their one year anniversary and it just so happened to be the hottest day of the summer with temps above 100 degrees- It was a 101 theme all around...  I was up for the challenge of making this cake yet I had no idea how I was going to do it. Should it be 3-D, a frozen buttercream transfer (FBCT), fondant over lays etc... I had much angst.  In the process of researching how to make this cake I made a new cake friend- so exciting! . Thanks Linda for sharing some of your secrets. You can check out Linda's work here.  She is really talented....
I decided to go with a FBCT and tried to make a line drawing from pics that my friend sent me... I'm really NOT good at drawing so I employed the artistic abilities of another friend's dad....  He drew me a beautiful line drawing of the house that I was then able to outline and make into a FBCT for the top of the cake...   Without the help of cake friends I'm not sure this cake design would be possible...  I was really pleased with the way it turned out.... Happy 100th Hazel and Happy One Year Anniversary Reba & Steve!!!

The cake ideas went from this picture

To this drawing

To This FBCT design

To See how I make FBCT's you can see more of assembly of pics here.

Here are more pics of the cake coming together. This is the outline of the design.  I use plastic page protectors, they work perfect to hold the drawing in place and they allow the design to easily release once it comes out of the freezer.
 Adding some colors to the drawing...

The Carnage... The flavor was Strawberry with Raspberry filling... Yummy!


LittleLinda said...

Amy, it came out lovely. it's also a lovely old house similar to ones also found in my part of the US (Massachusetts). It's hard to do a three-layer cake, so a that is also compliment-worthy!
Thanks for the link to my cakes, that was thoughtful of you! Linda

Michelle said...

awesome and so yummy.