Saturday, June 27, 2009

chocolate experimentation

I'm experimenting with a new medium... Chocolate! I stumbled upon this great book at the Library- Whimsical Bake House by Liv Hansen- she is now new cake maker obsession... She is awesome and is so creative. I'm now subscribed to her blog so I can read what she is doing-

This was my first attempt with chocolate- I went to a pre-fourth of July picnic and made cupcakes for the kids (and adults). They turned out o.k. but I have a long way to go in learning how to paint with chocolate... I made red velvet cupcakes in two sizes- regular and tiny. I covered the tiny ones with purple and green sprinkles (or Jimmies). Covered cupcakes in buttercream icing. Essentially I traced a design using different colors of melted white chocolate to make the bugs and insects.

Here are my nieces enjoying their cupcakes...

Lindsey in the act of licking off the icing...

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