Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tractor Pull

A big happy birthday to my brother! We had a nice get together at his house to celebrate. I couldn't decide what to put on the cake. It was between Fred Rahmer, his favorite sprint car driver or a tractor... I couldn't find the right picture of the sprint car to replicate so I went with the tractor. I found a design on cakecentral that I liked and essentially reproduced it using a frozen buttercream transfer for the tractor. The cake was chocolate with strawberry filling in between the layers. I think I might have cooked it a little too long, it was a little dry but overall o.k.

Here are some additional pics:

The picture:

The transfer ready for the freezer. I topped it off with green to give it a little more strength

My nieces, playing nicely on the swing set

There was also an ice cream cake- yum, yum. They didn't have enough candles so they added his age 3+4=7 and used a number 5 candle on the ice cream cake and these two singles on the tractor cake to make 7 candles... Get it? If I do the math this year I have 9 candles on my cake... How about you?

For those that follow my house progress, the white barn in the right corner of this picture is the pole barn where my brother built me my shed...

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