Monday, May 4, 2009

Cake for Four

Today was a joint work birthday celebration for Jen, Danielle, Regina and Patrick. I made this cake on Sunday night when I was a little low on energy... I had visions of different buttercream flowers for the cake but it didn't happen, so I made a cake similar to one I made before. Of course I hate my cake writing, but I tried- Just came out a little uneven...
I realized I forgot the cake this morning when I was within three block of my work parking lot... I turned around and went home to GET THE CAKE... I was a little mad at myself but I got over it when I was walking down Broad St with cake in hand and I got two "shout outs". "I like your cake, did you make it?" and "Nice cake, did you make that?" I might have missed these kind souls had I arrived to work on time...

Side view of the cake:

The Birthday Crew: Regina, Danielle, Jen and Patrick

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