Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sweet 16

My Cousin Ashley turns 16 this month. I can't believe it. She will be driving soon. Yikes! Time flies!!! Good luck on your permit test Ash...

Ashley's cake was three layers- two chocolate, one vanilla. I forgot to put the paper boards under each cake. I was hoping it didn't collapse prior to the party. How could I have forgotten to support the structure of the cake??? I'm a little out of practice... I'm getting back into the swing of things.

The pink and brown circles were Satin Ice fondant. The cake was covered with buttercream. I got the idea for the cake from I cut the monogram letter by tracing letters I printed from word- I can't remember the font name at the moment... The letters were more then a challenge then I anticipated. I didn't really have a sharp knife to cut around, next time I think I'll pull out a razor blade. It will likely make the edges a little cleaner. Overall I was happy with the way they turned out. The pink plaque is a 50/50 mix of gum paste and fondant, next time I'll use complet gum paste to make the plaque stronger.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! Perfect cake for a teen!