Saturday, September 13, 2008


We had another going away party at work... I know, it seems like we have a revolving door...

The theme of this party was Superman... Bryant will be missed by many in our office. He is moving on to bigger and better things but we are thankful for the work he has done for us.

My sister Michelle came over last night to help me with my cake making. She did an EXCELLENT job pipping the stars around the cake. She also helped me find the superman logo, which was helpful.

Can you tell what I did wrong with this cake? That's right... I didn't transpose the image when I printed it so it's a backwards "S". Does that mean that Superman's powers would be turned toward evil? Perhaps, but I think we will all survive.

This cake was a red velvet cake with a frozen buttercream transfer of the superman logo.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

wow, the stars around the bottom of that superman cake look fabulous!
haha, the whole thing looks fabulous, a backwards "s" is still edible. haha.