Sunday, June 29, 2008

Surprise Gene!

This is the birthday boy:The top of the movie reel is a cardboard cake circle covered with fondant. Use cookie cutters to cut oval's and replaced the grey with black. Notice one of the ovals is larger then the other... Yes, that was a mistake, I used the wrong cookie cutter by accident, Oops!
All the accents packed up and ready for transport:
Popcorn made out of mini marshmallow with yellow and brown food color powder
My incredibly messy workstation after finishing this cake...
Denise threw an incredibly awesome and wonderful surprise 40th birthday for her husband Gene. It gave me another excuse to practice making a cake... Denice is my idol in terms of organization for party planning. She has an incredible eye for detail and always makes great party food. It was fun to hang out with friends and eat!

The cake was inspired by the party invitations. I found this cake from CakesByLJ and she e-mailed me a link to the directions. I love the cake central website- Everyone is always so nice!

What I liked about the cake:
1. The overall cake, I was really pleased with the way it turned out.
2. The popcorn made out of marshmallow was fun!
3. Used luster dust for the first time with the stars, it was a little messy but looked good.

The lessons learned:
1. The sun will fade fondant.
2. Use royal icing instead of butter cream on fondant accents, it should adhere better and not change colors or bleed into the fondant.
3. For fondant to stick it needs either icing or water to adhere to a surface. It doesn't just stick to things...

Denise gave Gene guitar hero and rockband for his birthday. We had a great time playing and singing along. The picture below is Rachel jammin out on the drums and showing us her "rock on" face. She is such a rockstar!

On a random note... This is a picture of the first pansies I've ever grown from seed to actually live and flower! I'm so proud I had to post this picture...

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Michelle said...

Gene's cake is really cool!
Did you sing on Rockband?? Isn't it fun??