Saturday, March 8, 2008

Little Mermaid

Avah's 4th Birthday Party was fun. Good food, good times with family... Played CandyLand, Chutes and Ladders, talked with aunt kay, uncle mike, grandmom, dakota, mom, dad, cindy, joe, lilly, lindsey, michelle and luke… I made two cakes- one for our family, the other for Nicole's. One of the funny/potentially scary moments was Avah lighting her hair on fire (just a little bit) when she blew out her candles. We all saw it happen and leaped in to put it out... Yikes!
Nicole sent me some pictures of cake ideas and bought the figurines of the little mermaid characters. I found chocolate candies that looked like rocks, the rest of the decoration is buttercream icing. Used Tip number 5 and 16 for the boarder. Used tip 61 for green stuff(never used that one before, and like how it works), Used Tip 3 for red coral, tip 2 for white coral. The most time consuming part for me is coloring the icing, filling the different bags, changing tips etc... The more colors on a cake the more difficult. I think I need to get a different brand of colors, non-wilton, to see if it's easier to find the shades I like...

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