Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Game of Life

I feel pressure to blog... I have a cake stalker now (Hi Diane!) :)

This cake was made for my co-worker and friend Leigh. The birthday parties at my place of work have grown to be celebrations of food. Sitting around the lunch table last week- Diane, Leigh, Caitin and I got to talking about the cereal's we liked as kids. One thing lead to another and the idea for the cereal and cake party was born. Leigh's favorite cereal is... you guessed it, Life! This is a two layer marble cake (first time, which worked well) with a small 6" cake cut into the shape of a bowl. I used buttercream Icing and smoothed with the viva papertowel method. I made the life logo using a frozen buttercream transfer. I was going to drawn straight lines around the edges to show the box shape, but I didn't want to mess it up so I didn't. I added Leigh's name to the bowl, but then I thought it looked like a dog bowl so I took it off... I made "Leigh Fact" instead of nutrition fact on the side. I started with the word fun and then added 100% but when I went to add Fantastic I couldn't fit the percentage so I scrapped the idea. I kept with the "F" theme and added Fiber and Fitness. So Fun, Fantastic, Fiber and Fitness all describe Leigh... I don't know- I just went with it...

I made the spoon out of gum paste, filled the bowl with actual cereal and then added some white icing for milk.

She has definitely made my LIFE bearable at work and I truly enjoy her friendship. I strive to be as balanced, generous, kindhearted and as patient as Leigh. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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Michelle said...

I love this!!
The cereal bowl is so cute, I'm sure Leigh loved it. Especially the nutrition facts. The spider man looks very good as well.
Amy the happy baker bringing smiles with her handcrafted cakes!