Monday, February 18, 2008

Congrats to Reba

This cake was made for my friend Rebecca who recently passed her Clinical Psychology Exam- No small feat, which deserves a cake!

Sunday was a scrapbooking fest at mom's house. Cindy, Michelle, Nicole, Denice and Dad scrapbooked, yes- I said my dad was scrapbooking... Which is really cool, go DAD!

Anyway, instead of scrapbooking I brought my cakes to decorate. I banished myself to a separate table so I wouldn't get my crisco and butter icing anywhere near the pictures.

I worked on two cakes- one for Reba and the Hello Kitty Cake for my co-workers' daughter.

I first made a crumb layer with icing that was too thick and it ripped the first layer of crumbs off the cake. I tinted the icing blue so you wouldn't see the black crumbs. I used the viva paper towel method to smooth. I then made an imprint and traced the words with pink icing thinned with piping gel. I'm in need of more practice writing on cakes.

At this point, Lilly and Avah joined the party. As you can see from the picture, Avah was very interested in how the cake was coming along...

I finished the cake with simple flowers using tip 1M, 16 and 3.

I'm happy with this cake, it was cute.

Reba and I met up for dinner tonight and I gave her the cake. It always makes me happy to share my cakes. Reba definitely appreciated the cake and I appreciate her friendship!

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Reba said...

I LOVED the cake!!! It was just as delicious as it was beautiful. I let Steve have a piece last night and he gave it a thumbs up (I didn't tell him about the egg whites and applesauce). Don't be surprised if you start getting orders for cakes - since I'll be showing off your mad skillz to my friends.