Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This cake was made for a co-worker at the school district. I couldn't help but to offer to make his son's birthday cake, he is turning 5. He loves spiderman. I found a coloring book page and a few sample ideas from cakecentral and viola. I was happy with the way the buttercream transfer worked out. It looked very smooth, which was my goal. Overall, I was happy with this cake.

The Game of Life

I feel pressure to blog... I have a cake stalker now (Hi Diane!) :)

This cake was made for my co-worker and friend Leigh. The birthday parties at my place of work have grown to be celebrations of food. Sitting around the lunch table last week- Diane, Leigh, Caitin and I got to talking about the cereal's we liked as kids. One thing lead to another and the idea for the cereal and cake party was born. Leigh's favorite cereal is... you guessed it, Life! This is a two layer marble cake (first time, which worked well) with a small 6" cake cut into the shape of a bowl. I used buttercream Icing and smoothed with the viva papertowel method. I made the life logo using a frozen buttercream transfer. I was going to drawn straight lines around the edges to show the box shape, but I didn't want to mess it up so I didn't. I added Leigh's name to the bowl, but then I thought it looked like a dog bowl so I took it off... I made "Leigh Fact" instead of nutrition fact on the side. I started with the word fun and then added 100% but when I went to add Fantastic I couldn't fit the percentage so I scrapped the idea. I kept with the "F" theme and added Fiber and Fitness. So Fun, Fantastic, Fiber and Fitness all describe Leigh... I don't know- I just went with it...

I made the spoon out of gum paste, filled the bowl with actual cereal and then added some white icing for milk.

She has definitely made my LIFE bearable at work and I truly enjoy her friendship. I strive to be as balanced, generous, kindhearted and as patient as Leigh. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Avah and Lilly

This picture was taken while Avah and Lilly were patiently waiting for my cake decorating to be done. They both pulled up chair to watch. I think this picture accurately sums up their very distinct personalities... I LOVE THEM BOTH DEARLY!

Baby Cake-Giraffe

This cake was made for a co-worker Juli. She is going to be an aunt soon and the baby shower is this weekend. This cake is using the special icing I made for the Frozen buttercream transfer and it didn't really work any differently then the regular Wilton icing. I'm happy with the way this turned out except for the visible lines in the background. Instead of using tip3 I used tip103 to fill in the green background. I'm glad I switched because it made a more informed background, but I would like to figure out how to get it to be a flat image.

If I were do this cake again, I would have made the cake icing purple with white strips similar to the invite. I was too tired to do it last night... Overall, I'm happy with this cake! As a thank you, Juli made me my favorite cookies- oatmeal chocolate chip. They are much appreciated! I do need to increase my mileage to number 1- start seriously preparing for the Allentown half coming up way too quickly and number 2- to work off all the icing and cookies I've been eating!

Here is a picture of the Mom to Be with the cake!

Hello Kitty

This cake was made for Camille, a co-worker's daughter who turned 4 yrs old. She loves Ballerina's and Hello Kitty so we merged the two onto her birthday cake.
This was my first attempt a frozen butter cream transfer. I'm excited with the way it out.
I spent two hours in my mom's kitchen sifting powder sugar 5 times and beating shortening and butter together to make the special icing to make the transfer and then mistakenly used the regular Wilton butter cream icing I made. I confused the containers, my mistake, but I was thankful that the transfer lifted from the parchment paper. One thing I hope to improve is pushing on the icing or perfecting the icing used in the transfer so once it's finished it is flatter image and you can't see the lines from the tip used to fill in the design. It looks good from far away, I want it to look better close up.... It's my perfectionist nature, I can't help it.

(This is Camille picking up her cake)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Congrats to Reba

This cake was made for my friend Rebecca who recently passed her Clinical Psychology Exam- No small feat, which deserves a cake!

Sunday was a scrapbooking fest at mom's house. Cindy, Michelle, Nicole, Denice and Dad scrapbooked, yes- I said my dad was scrapbooking... Which is really cool, go DAD!

Anyway, instead of scrapbooking I brought my cakes to decorate. I banished myself to a separate table so I wouldn't get my crisco and butter icing anywhere near the pictures.

I worked on two cakes- one for Reba and the Hello Kitty Cake for my co-workers' daughter.

I first made a crumb layer with icing that was too thick and it ripped the first layer of crumbs off the cake. I tinted the icing blue so you wouldn't see the black crumbs. I used the viva paper towel method to smooth. I then made an imprint and traced the words with pink icing thinned with piping gel. I'm in need of more practice writing on cakes.

At this point, Lilly and Avah joined the party. As you can see from the picture, Avah was very interested in how the cake was coming along...

I finished the cake with simple flowers using tip 1M, 16 and 3.

I'm happy with this cake, it was cute.

Reba and I met up for dinner tonight and I gave her the cake. It always makes me happy to share my cakes. Reba definitely appreciated the cake and I appreciate her friendship!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tasha as a Mermaid

This cake is for my god daughter and Niece- Lilly Rose. A few weeks ago, I was over at her house and we were playing with Barbie’s. She was talking about her friend’s birthday party. I asked her about his birthday cake- she got quiet and just looked at me, then in this little voice she said "Aunt Amy, will you make my birthday cake". OF COURSE I WILL! Little does she know how tightly I am wrapped around her little finger.
My sister then gave me the news- she wants Uniqua and Tasha as mermaids on her cake. No small task, but after some searching I figured out that I could copy a coloring book page with Tasha as a Mermaid, so it was a compromise, but I think she will be happy.
I practiced transferring the pattern using Piping gel over a reverse scan of the coloring book page. I didn't feel like making a cake so I just did it on the reverse side of the cake pan on saran wrap. I played with some spray food coloring I just discovered. I'm sure one day I will have an airbrush system, but for now this will work.
I a picture of my practice to my sister and she liked it... so- I was in business.

Today it took me about 6 hours to make this cake. I hope I can get faster one day...
I started out the morning making a new "crusting" butter cream icing. I really like it and will probably use it as my standard recipe. I used a viva paper towel to flatten it once it was on the cake. I love the viva paper towel method- works much better then wax paper.

When I frosted the layer between the cakes I played with the blue food color spray. I made an effect that looked like water and was pleased. Of course when I did it on the layer that counted, I didn't like it as much, but I can live with it.

After frosting the top layer, I transferred the pattern with piping gel-Tip 1 and then outlines with the appropriate colors thinned with piping gel- using tip 2. I then filled in with tip 16. I used tip 13 on the brown and the next of Uniqua. Overall, I'm happy with the way she turned out. My hand is killing me but hopefully that will get easier with time.

I hate writing on cakes. I used the script outline and still was shaky and uneven. I guess it could be worse, but I'm not happy with it... I did a shell or squiggle around the bottom of the cake. I placed it crooked on the stage so I couldn't go all the way around, but oh well.

This cake did break in two spots, you can see the indentations. Hopefully it won't crake more on the transport tomorrow.

Overall, I'm very happy with Tasha (who I thought was Uniqua for the longest time, just can't get the names straight)